"...a taste of the festival!"

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Celebrity Recipes

Here's my special recipe for... Fabada

From the one and only... Frankie Delgado

On tour with... Llan de Cubel

From... Oviedo - Xixon

It was with great intensity that Delgado recalled the details of his
favourite dish,  transporting us back to his kitchen and then brought
everything to life by singing the 'Pollo Asau' song, ( backed by Ian
McLeod!) as he strode off into the night.

This is what you need for the recipe...

1kg Fabes de la Granja - Farm Beans, soaked over night
  (A thin skinned white Bean.)
1 Morciella de Tinto - Black sausage
1 Chorizo de Llabiana - Local chorizo
1 Torzin de Morcin - Paprika Sausage
Water from the fountain - try tap!

This is how you do it....

With a lot of love, patience and four hours cooking on a coal fire/B.B.Q.

Serve this with... Pan de Lena - baked bread.

Wash it down with.. Cider.

Turn on the cool sounds of... the bagpipes.

I love this recipe because... it grows hairs on your chest!

I learned to cook this when...  I was a child.

I've cooked it for... everyone I know.

The person I would love to invite to dinner would be... my best friends.

A song I know about food is... "Pollo asau, asau, asau con ensalada"

For everything Asturian and to order a Fabada kit with recipe
visit... www.asturshop.com

More info about the band... www.llandecubel.com  

To see what Frankie and friends are up to... www.conciertosdelnorte.com