"...a taste of the festival!"

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Celebrity Recipes

Here's my special recipe for Skydance Salmon

From the one and only Alasdair Fraser

On tour with Skydance

From the home town of  Nevada City - U.S.A.

Alasdair enjoys his lifestyle in Nevada. What better way to show hospitality with friends and family than serving up a taste of Scotland at a big outdoor B.B.Q. This recipe is so easy it leaves plenty of time for socialising!

This is what you need for the recipe...

Fillet of fresh salmon

This is how you do it...

Rub the honey generously all over the salmon. Barbecue till tender over hot coals.

Serve this with...fresh mixed salad greens. Asparagus which I love - and mashed potatoes!

Wash it down with... wine - a good Chardonnay.

Turn on the cool sounds of... just good conversation.

I love this recipe because...it's special and easy and I can do it.

I learned to cook when... at a New Years Day party. I discovered cooking with honey..a revelation!

I've cooked it for... the whole community, it's become a tradition.

The person I would love to invite to dinner would be: Neil Gow - 18th Century Fiddler.

For more information on Alasdair Fraser check out... www.culburnie.com  and www.alasdairfraser.com

For all things about salmon... www.riverdale.k12.or.us/salmon.htm

.For all things about honey...