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Celebrity Recipes

Here's my special recipe for Marag Magic

From the one and only
Aidan O'Rourke

On tour with:
Tabache, Blazing Fiddles, Sunhoney

From the home town of:
Clachan - Seil

Aidan says this is the perfect hang-over cure and don't even think of the calories, considering the amount you drunk the night before. We think you must still be drunk to be able to eat it! The Stornoway black pudding is world famous so give it a whirl... Sorry, no vegetarian alternative!

This is what you need for the recipe...

(serves 1)
1 Stornaway black pudding
1 potato scone
1 banana (sliced down middle)
tomato ketchup

This is how you do it....

Grill black pudding on medium heat for 4 minutes each side. Fry banana and potato scone on medium heat for 6 minutes turning after 3 minutes. Serve black pudding on top of potato scone and banana. Add the necessary tomato ketchup to banana.

Serve this with... grilled tomatoes and fried mushrooms.

Wash it down with... strong coffee.

Turn on the cool sounds of...
Buena Vista Social Club.

I love this recipe because... it sounds terrible, tastes great!

I learned to cook this when... hungover.

I've cooked it for... special guests only.

The person I would love to invite to dinner would be.. disappointed if I served this!!

If you are not in Stornoway you can order your black puddings from... www.charlesmacleod.co.uk   and www.johnbrashbutcher.co.uk 

For more information on Aidan O'Rourke check out... www.verticalrecords.co.uk