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Celebrity Recipes

Here`s my special  recipe for... Margarita

From the one and only... Eric Rigler

On tour with... Skydance  / Bad Haggis

From the home town of... Los Angeles, U S A

Eric never does things by half measures and to prove it, he serves up
pints of Margaritas to his amigos when he comes home to relax after a
hard tour. Piping must be thirsty work !

This is what you need for the recipe....

Tequila - Jose Cuervo, Gold
Triple Sec
Grand Marnier
Margarita mixer
Ice Cubes, salt, lemon & lime

This is how you do it...

Wipe the lime around pint glass
Dip rim into salt, fill glass 3 quarters with ice, pour a fist high of
tequila, 1 knuckle of triple sec, top off with a thumb full of Grand
Marnier  and a dash of margarita mix- stir it up.

Serve this with ...
.tortilla chips & ``Mexican salsa

Wash it down with...
more !

Turn on the cool sounds of ...
Herb Albert.

I love this recipe because...
nothing is a better drink in the heat.

I learned to make this when...
in.Mexico 1985 - Rosarito Beach near

I`ve mixed this up for ...
my mate from London, Tony Hinnegan of
Incantation, who played on the Braveheart soundtrack

The person I`d love to invite for dinner would be...
I know I should 
think for somebody else, but from the top of my head - Pamela Anderson !

A song I know about food is ...
"Wasted away again in Margaritaville" by
Jimmy Buffett.