"...a taste of the festival!"

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Celebrity Recipes

Hereís my special recipe for...Tuna Steak with Lime and Caper Sauce
From the one and only... Si Cottrell
On tour with... Laura Cantrell
From... The Good Olí Big A.

Si was having a bite to eat pre-show at the Royal Concert Hall when we had a chat about possible recipes .... The next day I was delighted to find this pinned up on the office door... One good way to make sure it was not lost in the hurly burly of the festival!
This is a great summer recipe....try barbecuing the tuna for extra flavour... This sauce would work well on most fish steaks, try it on Cod, Salmon or Mackerel.

This is what you need... for 2 people.
2 fresh Tuna steaks
1 dtsp of butter
Juice from 1 lime
2-3tsps capers
quarter pint of single cream
1 birds eye chilli pepper, finely sliced(optional)
season with salt and a few turns milled pepper

This is how you do it...
Start to griddle tuna steaks while in a sauce pan melting the butter over a reduced heat. Stir in to the melted butter a splash of red wine vinegar, the cream and the juice from the lime, stir well and add the chilli and capers. Season to taste and allow to simmer on a low heat for a minute or two until tuna steaks have been grilled lightly on both sides and cooked through. Pour sauce over the tuna steaks and serve.

Serve this with... potatoes / vegetables or pasta and pesto, with tomatoes in a mustard salad dressing.
Wash it down with.. many pints of Guinness
Turn on the cool sounds of... Van the man/Gram Parsons
I love this recipe because... itís the best taste I have ever had!!
I learned to cook this... inspired in St. Ives, Devon,England.
I have cooked it for... those who have impressed me most!
The person I would love to invite to dinner would be... Kilgore Trout.
A song with lyrics about food is... Honey Pie by The Beatles.

For more information check out www.LauraCantrell.com , www.atuna.com, www.seawear.com